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Commissions are currently closed.

Commission openings announced on Twitter!

⟡ Please read the Terms of Service tab before making any inquiries. ⟡

Terms of Service

⟡ For commissions, at least one digital visual reference must be provided. Though a ref sheet is not necessary, the visual reference must include clear details and features that you want to be added.
⟡ I will usually post commissions to social media. If you would not like to have the artwork be posted on social media, please let me know.⟡ I will do my best to finish your piece as soon as I can, however, please note that it may take up to 2 months or longer due to real-life circumstances.⟡ WIPs will be provided to ensure the client is happy with the project. Changes to the WIP will be made per the request of the client. You may NOT request changes to lines after color has been added.⟡ After completion of the piece, you are free to use it for personal use only. Please DO NOT remove the signature or any identification of the artist.⟡ My artwork can NEVER be used for commercial use or sold as NFTs.Payment:
⟡ Payments are all upfront. I will not begin the commission until the payment is received.
⟡ If you do not pay within 72 hours of ordering a commission, it will be canceled.⟡ I will not accept cryptocurrency as payment.⟡ All Payments are made via PayPal. All payments are in USD.Cancellations and Refunds:
⟡ I have the right to decline a commission for any reason. The reason does not have to be specified to the client.
⟡ I have the right to cancel any commission at any time.⟡ If the piece has not been started yet and/or no work has been done, the client will receive a full refund.⟡ No refunds after completion of a piece.

✓ Will Draw:
⟡ Anthros
⟡ Protogens
⟡ Fictional Characters

✘ Will Not Draw:
⟡ Mechs
⟡ Gore
⟡ Hate Art

Before you commission...
⟡ Please read the Terms of Service tab.
⟡ Have at least one visual digital reference or image.

Props and/or Backgrounds (for non-scene commissions): $5-15+
Simple shapes/patterns/flat color backgrounds are free.
Additional characters: ~50% of category price


Headshot w/ color, lined, and shaded: $20


flats/minimal shading: $25
shading: $30


flats/minimal shading: $35
shading: $40


fully shaded characters + detailed background: $70+


Contact me via Twitter DMs!- Send one or more reference pictures, as well as what you're looking for in the commission!
- Images of clothing you want a character to wear is helpful, try your best to get a clear picture!
- Images of backgrounds you want are helpful!
- Descriptions and even a rough stick figure drawing are helpful!